Wanyoo Hosts First Esports Event In London

Wanyoo, a chinese company, announced plans to build a host of Esports cafes across the UK back in November and now they’ve announced their first Esports event for League of Legends.

The tournament will run online qualifiers on successive weekends 9th-10th and 16th-27 of March before the knockout stages on the 23rd and 24th. The semi-final and final will take place at the Wanyoo Esports studio in London in a live event.

The winners will receive a 50% share of the £3,000 prize pool on offer while the runner up will get 33.3% and 16.7% will go to the third-placed team. Not bad for a few weekends of League of Legends.

If you’d like to join up to the tournament then registration is opoen untill the 1st of March, head over to the Wanyoo website for further details. If you fancy watching the live event (semi-final and final) then Wanyoo will be streaming live via their offical twitter channel here.