All-Female Russian LOL Team Heavily Beaten 52-2: An “Experiment” That Damages Female Esports?

Vaevictis Esports created an all-female, Russian, League of Legends team to compete in the Continental league last week, but after the team suffered a 52-2 overall loss in their first three matches is the formation of the team doing more harm than good for female Esports?

The performance aside, any male team could have been beaten so heavily, the comments from the Vaevictus Esports management are bizarre and damaging to the female Esports scene. Vaevictis Esports management labelled the formation of the all-female team is an “experiment” to see how they’d fare within the League. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the level of competitiveness of the team or their aspirations within the LoL Esports scene. Would the other teams within Vaevictis Esports be deemed an “experiment” to see how’d they get on? Doubtful, so why are they happy to, unfairly, label the all-female team with this tag? It continues to underline the problems within the Esports scene for female gamers and promote the myth that they aren’t as good as their male competitors.

I think we’d all love to see a female team win a major event and dominate a competitive scene, but commercial stunts, which is what the formation of the team feels like, are going a long way to prevent that and cause harm to female Esports players and teams. I hope Vaevictis All-female Esports team’s performances can undo some of the damage already done, by no fault of their own, and spark greater awareness of the gender equality that’s missing within Esports.

We wish the Vaevictis Esports team the best of luck as they continue in the continental league on the 23rd of February. For more information on the all-female team go here