Heavy Metal Machines Launches Esport

Heavy Metal Machines is a free-to-play car combat MOBA, only on PC, that has now announced that it will have a competitive scene. The ‘Metal League’, will be a PvP tournament that boasts a total cash prize pool of €5,000 (£4.379 approximately) for the winning teams.

Starting from next month, 9th of March, the 1st championship season will take place with the 1st place winners taking home €2,000 (£1,751 approximately) and booking their place in the 8 team finals.

The first season will be hosted on the European server however, all regions are free to take part, with each region receiving its own ‘Metal League’ tournament from season 2 onwards.

More information about Heavy Metal Machines check out their official websiteFacebookInstagram and  Twitter.